The development of devices and circuits according to your requirements
For many years we have successfully developed a variety of customers for a range of different devices and circuits in smaller or larger batches for the management, control of production processes.If you have the need for such assemblies, please contact us with confidence. We will do our best to give you their advice and services offer high quality and reliable as well as cost-effective storage solution.

Management and monitoring based on PLC’s and frequency converters
Automatikamanagement and control of production processes today is unthinkable without the use of PLC controllers and frequency converters.Over the past years we have worked with PLC controllers manufacturer Siemens, Allen Bradley and their systems Simatic and MicroLogix . Do you need just a simple machine control such machinery for drilling holes in the lids of lanterns and labeling , or something more complex installations such as bottling bottles , garbage baler . We can solve the complex plant and SCADA system such as waste recycling plants that are programmed in Tuzla, Novi Sad, Obrenovac.

Applications on personal computers and the Internet
Any electronic equipment today is almost unimaginable without connecting to a PC. Therefore, for all of our products in which it was necessary to independently develop applications on personal computers. These applications are used for device parameterization, monitoring metrics, management, etc. Of course, we should mention the internet as our service area where we can offer all kinds of cooperation by exchanging banners to making website with CMS system.

Maintenance Services
offer services to be mentioned Contracting and emergency maintenance of their own equipment as well as equipment and machinery from other manufacturers. Contact us with confidence either asking for the maintenance of your machinery and equipment, or with a simple request for repair.

Some of our clients are:

User Services
Petrol stations intervention and maintenance contract MicroTank system
Softwise d.o.o Čakovec.
Tehnix d.o.o. Donji Kraljevec
PLC programming Siemens S-200 automatic presses and balers
Programming PLC Scada system Allen Bradley on plants for waste recycling
Penta d.o.o. Pula MicroTank systems for petrol stations more bus operators
Kartonaža d.o.o. Ivanec Supply and maintenance of reactive power compensation
Marel Zamlača Automation Machine for drilling metal lids lanterns
Preško Domašinec  Maintenance of automatic bottling of juices and labeling machine
Bini d.o.o. Varaždin  programming services of Schwelm system for petrol stations
Poultry houses "Lebar", "Moharić", "Posel" Automatic switching power supply unit and aggregate network

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