RHT485 sensors

RHT485(RHT485-Dis a temperature and humidity sensor for use in standard atmospheric conditions. It is used for monitoring temperature and humidity in storage of food, medicines, agricultural and food products and meteorologic .


RHT485 (D) sensor is a device that measure temperature and relative humidity of the room where the appliance is installed, and the information forwarded to the PC via RS485 communication interface.RHT485-D version includes an LCD screen to display the actual measurement data of all sensors connected to the RS485 communication bus. Temperature and moisture carried by a digital sensor. At one communication line (pair) it is possible to connect up to 16 sensors RHT485. Data from the sensors is collected RHT recorder application installed on your PC. Temperature measurement range is from -40 ° C to +125 ° C while the relative humidity measured in the full range of 0-100%. 

RHT485 Sensor Specifications:

Power supply 8 do 18 V DC (optional 5V DC)
consumption max 20 mA
communication interface RS485
communication speed 4800 ili 19200 Bd
range of temperature measurement -40°C do +125 °C
resolution of temperature measurements  0,01°C
the accuracy of the temperature measurement  ± 0,4 °C (at 25°C)
RH measurement range  0 % do 100 %
resolution measurements RH  0,05 %
RH measurement accuracy  1%
enclosure dimensions (wall mounting)  72 mm x 72 mm (RHT485 old version)
enclosure dimensions (wall mounting)  120 x 80 x 25 mm (RHT485 new version and RHT485-D)

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