RHT CL EXi sensors

RHT CL EXi senzor

RHT-CL-EXi sensors are designed to measure temperature and relative humidity in rooms with explosive endangered atmosphere and forwarding of the measured data in the control center where the personal computer installed Application software that via RS485 communication interface receives data from the sensors and presents them, processed and archived in a database.Treatment of the calculated dew point temperature in controlled facilities and establishing compliance with the requirements for ventilation facilities.

Nominal specifications for RHT-CL EXi digital temperature and humidity sensor

Un Nominal input voltage 12 VDC
I Maximum input current 40 mA
Ta Ambient temperature -20°C do +40°C
Dimensions Width x Height x Depth 120 x 80 x 25 mm
Li maximum internal inductance 0 mH
Ci maximum internal capacity 0,510 µF
Communication current loop Micromatic CL protocol
Connection two wires (power and communications) via a zener barrier type Z715

Category and explosion protection II 2G Ex ia IIB T5 Gb
Mechanical protection IP20  EN 60529

Connecting RHT-CL EXi unit by two wires through a zener barrier type Z715 manufacturer Pepperl + Fuchs following parameters:

  • DC version with grounded negative poleinterjection
  • The nominal resistance of 100 Ω, the minimum series resistance 98 Ω
  • Fuse 100mA
  • Nominal voltage 15V, 13V operating voltage at 10μA
  • Uo=14,7V
  • Io=150mA
  • Po = 550mW
  • Co = 3.86 μF; Magic MH = 6.32; Lo / Ro = 257 μH / Ω
  • ATEX Certificate: LOW 01 ATEX 7005-Issue 7
  • Designation of protection: II (1) G [Ex ia] IIC

Explosion protection
Explosion protection RHT-CL EXi device was performed in type of protection “Intrinsic safety ia” for the field of use in Category II 2G for gas group IIB, temperature class T5 in accordance with standards: EN 60079-0:2009 and EN 60079-11: 2007

Type certificate HREx T11.011
Individual certificates HREx F 12.002
HREx F 12.007
HREx F 12.011
Declaration of Conformity 01/2012
Instructions for safely use Upute za sigurnu upotrebu

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