RHT sustavRHT system for monitoring temperature and humidity  produced in the performance of standard spaces and areas endangered by explosive atmospheres. Developed at the request of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Croatian and to meet the requirements of technical equipment warehouses of military equipment of the armed forces of NATO members. Certainly, the use of the system can be much broader, such as in warehouses of food and groceries, pharmacies, butcher shops.

benzinskaMicroTank system for gas station!  Its purpose is to connect the petrol stations dispensers with personal computers and applications for payment. The system is suitable for both public and internal gas station. The system allows constant monitoring of refills, simply set the price of fuel in the dispensers. Supported are the following types of dispensers Scheidth Bachmann (T20), Schwelm / Schlumberger / CSR / Ina Delta (old and new type), ER4 / 5 (LPG), Vlado Cetković.

SAMSUNGMCM6 hectometers Do you service your agricultural machinery (combines, tractors, seeders , spraying or plowing, etc.) then you are certainly numerous times were agonizing discussions with the owners of agricultural land on the surface of the land and therefore the value of your business. Therefore we have developed for you hectometers MCM6 (now the sixth generation devices) that will relieve you of these discussions and you and the land owner to show accurately measured surface area processed.

IncubaThermIncubaTherm a temperature controller for incubators based on digital temperature sensor with an area of -55 to +125 °C. Setting the temperature-break heaters as well as precision of 0.1 ° C. Given the broad range of temperature control is suitable for all types of poultry.

NordCon-dispFRP controller is developed for the purpose of managing the work extractor for honey or operation of the frequency inverter. In order to facilitate the management of beekeepers by extractors and frequency converters which typically have a very complex procedure of programming we have developed this FRP controller which simply define basic operations on extractor. (Direction, speed and duration of rotation).

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