MicroTank system for gas stations

The basic function MicroTank system that connects dispensers (aggregates) with a PC and enable monitoring dispensing with the simultaneous transmission of dispensing in existing software applications coffers. In addition to read electronic totalizator on aggregates which simplifies and accelerates the calculation of shifts.MicroTank system consists of a controller (exchange) with built-appropriate protocol converter modules for each filling positions and software applications on the PC that allows the presentation and processing of the received data.


  • Supported aggregates Scheidt & Bachmann T20, Schwelm ZSR, ER4 (LPG), Vlado Cetković
  • Allows communication dispensing fuel to a PC
  • unloading of up to 16 (in one location may be different types of aggregates)
  • USB communication and power


  • View the status of aggregates and data poured
  • Automatic transfer of data in existing applications for invoicing (PC cash registers)
  • By blocking further dispensing to the issuance of the invoice no unwanted undocumented refueling
  • Status aggregates visible in Tray-in
  • Setup price aggregates is done by simply changing fuel prices on computer
  • Insight into all the events on aggregate
  • Meter Totalizer and accounting shifts
  • All actions are tracked server (user login, price change …)
  • Online support via the Internet


Gas station Location
Kerobenz Varaždin
Apios Zagreb, Konjščina, Prigorje, Donja Bistra
Bralatrade Posedarje
Vugip Kašina
Galić Benz Zagreb
Elmont Žepče (BiH)
Slavonija petrol Tomašanci
Novak Benz Zagreb
Brača Mujić Sarajevo (BiH)
Akord Greda
Venus Lužani
LanTrade Stari Mikanovci
Tuhelj Goriva Klinča Sela
internal gas stations Sisak, Osijek, Pula, Split, …

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